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Your house is a mess.  The hot Arizona sun is shining, and all you want to do is play at the pool and enjoy a cold margarita.  The last thing on your mind is sweeping and dusting… so you start to think about finding someone to clean for you.  Are you considering hiring Tucson house cleaners? Many independent housekeeping services are a bit cheaper in cost which initially appeals to everyone. Of course you want your dollar to stretch as far as possible.  You also want top value for your hard earned money.  The value of the service is important as well.  Do your homework before hiring an independent maid service strictly based on cost.  Often these companies are just slightly less cost than fully licensed cleaning companies.  In the end, did you really cut cost or save money by hiring an independent maid?  Think again.  You need Tucson house cleaners that are trustworthy.  These people will be entering your home.  Below is a list of shortcomings that you might experience when hiring independent Tucson house cleaners.

Tucson House Cleaners: Biggest Blunders

Do Your Homework before Hiring Tucson House Cleaners

Lack of Organization.  Do you care if your housekeeping is completed on time?  Of course you do!  What if your maid is over an hour late? Organization and timeliness is part of what you are paying for.  Many independent Tucson house cleaners are disorganized.  This is because their company is not large enough to establish and update calendars, client lists, backup plans etc.  The end result is tardiness, forgetfulness, and lack of preparation.  Reputable establishments will have employees dedicated to schedules and organization of the business.


No Insurance.  Do you care if your maid accidentally spills bleach all over your Persian rug?  What about if their vehicle accidentally runs into your garage door?  As long as your housekeeping service is properly insured, it is just an inconvenience and your items will be replaced.  But what if they do not carry insurance?  Many independent Tucson house cleaners do not have adequate insurance leaving you – their client – at risk.  Research the Tucson house cleaners that you choose to employ to confirm their company is fully insured and liable for their employees.  Better safe than sorry!

No Credentials. Would you like to be the guinea pig for a new cleaning business?  Probably not.  All Tucson house cleaners need to be fully licensed and bonded before cleaning your house.  Your house is not just a structure with four walls.  It is your home.  Your family memories and belongings are precious, and you should not trust them with just anyone.  I am sure you have read stories of stolen jewelry, double billing, and other thefts.  I have even read stories of maids being arrested after committing crimes and being caught on security cameras.  You want a cleaning company that has a reputation to uphold.  You want to read reviews of multiple families that have had good experiences and welcome that company back into their homes.

Exclusive Guarantee on every cleaning must be expectedPoor Attitude. You pay good money for your Tucson house cleaners.  Would you want to pay that money for a housekeeper with a bad attitude?  Of course not.  You expect a friendly maid to show up on your doorstep with a big smile.  You expect cheerful humming or singing while she cleans instead of dark grumblings or bad language.  The reason that many independent house cleaners have a poor attitude is that they are over worked and under paid.  I guess we can’t blame them for being unhappy, right?  But we still do not want to hire them.

Poor Service. You’ve put up with the poor attitude, lack of insurance, and tardiness of your independent Tucson house cleaners.  Now on top of all that, your house isn’t sparkling when they leave!  And guess what – this independent house cleaner is not going to have a money back guarantee.  Many independent housekeeping businesses are in a hurry.  They are running behind schedule and they are overbooked.  All of the points outlined in this post lead to poor service in the end.  Your house just is not as clean as you thought it should be.  And you paid good money for a clean house!

Have you ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for?”  It applies to most things in life and most certainly applies to services that you pay for.  Do your homework.  Read reviews, conduct interviews, and evaluate all of your options before spending your hard earned money on Tucson house cleaners.  You’ll be glad you did!