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Ah the desert!  Scenic views, mountain tops, endless outdoor activities – these are all reasons to live in Tucson, Arizona.  Unfortunately, with all of those wonderful things comes heat, drought, and DUST!  Tucson house cleaning is going to include lots of dusting.  If you dust your house in the morning, chances are there will be new dust buildup in the afternoon.  There are a few tips to help keep that pesky dust to a minimum.

Tucson House Cleaning Scenic views in mountain top

Understanding Dust

Have you ever stopped to think about what dust actually is?  Of course it is comprised of dirt and sand from the desert, but it also includes skin flakes, pollen grains, mold spores and textile fibers.  Actually dust can be made up of pretty much anything that can be broken down into small bits and moved around by the air.  Have I grossed you out yet?  I am not really trying to, but I want to show you why Tucson house cleaning absolutely must address the dust.  In the desert, high winds and ample sand make dust a big problem.

As with any job, using the correct tool can be a lifesaver.  In your Tucson house cleaning toolbox, there are a few must have items for attacking the dust.  You need a damp cloth, preferably a microfiber dusting cloth.  The feather dusters are cute, but Tucson house cleaning has no room for cute.  Dusting is a serious business!  Furthermore, you will need to invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner that can handle large amounts of dust and debris.  It is also helpful if your vacuum cleaner has attachments and long hoses for cleaning the dust off of high areas such as window coverings and blinds.

Tucson House Cleaning Tips

Tucson House Cleaning Tips

As I mentioned, dust is going to be a big chunk of your Tucson house cleaning.  There are a few things you can do to minimize the pain.

1 – Follow a path around your home.  Start dusting in one corner of the room and work your way around the room dusting all surfaces.  This will help ensure that you have covered everything.  If you skip around, you won’t remember which things you’ve already dusted.

2 – Do not forget the hard to reach areas.  Out of sight out of mind does not apply to dust.  Remember all of that nasty stuff dust is made out of?  You want to get it all even if you can’t see it.  The vacuum is a great tool for these hard to reach areas that you need to address in your Tucson house cleaning.

3 – The air conditioner is an essential item for the Arizona climate.  It also can circulate a lot of dust if the filter gets full.  Clean your air conditioner filter often.  As soon as you see a buildup of dust (even a light layer) it is time to clean or replace.  Not only will this help out with the dust, but it will also help protect that expensive air conditioner!

4 – Another Tucson house cleaning necessity is bed sheet laundry.  I won’t go into details about what is lurking in your bed sheets because it will definitely gross you out, but there are a lot of things on your sheets that can turn into dust if they get into the air.  Also because dust is in the air, it will settle on your bed sheets the same way it settles on your furniture.  You don’t want to sleep in that.  Wash your bed sheets weekly.

5 – Invest in a quality doormat for each entry into the home.  Always remember to wipe your feet each time or enlist a rule for taking off shoes.  You want to minimize the dust and debris coming into your house on the bottom of your shoes.

6 – Keep your pets groomed and brushed.  If you have an indoor animal, brush them daily (preferably outside).  The dirt, hair, and dander from pets will become part of the dust in your home.  Keeping your pets clean is an essential part of your Tucson house cleaning plan both for dust control and allergen control.

7 – Hire a maid service to dust for you.  If you don’t care to dust your home, there is an easy way around it.  Just hire a reputable maid service and let them make your home sparkle. House cleaning franchises usually have higher standards to prevent mishaps in your home. Ensure that the frequency of maid service is adequate to maintain low dust levels in your home or take a few of the tips above for in between house cleanings.

Living in the desert presents a few cleaning challenges, but it is totally worth it!  With a few quick steps or a quick phone call to a maid service, your house too can be dust free in the desert!